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The Facebook Family That Votes Together Stays Together - 6,036 Views

This past Sunday I received an email from Author Shout, an online website that "Connects authors and readers around the world." In the email I was informed that my new novel, MARRIED IN THE NICK OF NINE, had been nominated for best book cover, along with four other novels. It went on to say that the winner’s book would be named Book of the Week, would get a feature listing on all of Author Shout’s site pages, would be shared across multiple social media platforms, and would be sent out in a spotlight in Author shout’s newsletter and more. Of course being the promotional addict that I am, I was thrilled thinking about possibly winning. I immediately logged onto the website and noticed that there was one book leading the pack. So I got busy and put the word out to my Facebook Family!

Initially the votes began to trickle in and then more and more people got on board. By Sunday evening I was still trailing behind by twenty points. It seemed as if no matter what I did, I couldn’t close the gap. Monday I was still lagging. I wanted to give up, but my Facebook Family wouldn’t let me. Everyone began voting and voting every day! Encouraging posts flooded the news feed.

Voted and shared for my friends to VOTE!

Just voted. You’re in second place and catching up!

Done deal, Alretha! Good luck.

I did my daily vote.

Well, my daily vote is in. Be blessed.

Got in in! We are in the lead!!! Ooops, I mean YOU are in the lead! Lol!

U got my backup each n every day. Wanna see you at the top. Good luck.

Widening that lead!

Are you tweeting this, too.

Time to put this thing on ice for Alretha Thomas!!

It is on!!!

At one point on Monday I was in the lead, then I wasn’t and it seemed like a lost cause. But my Facebook Family wasn’t having it. They were determined that I was going to win. At the present time I have 432 votes and am in the lead by 150 votes. I am thrilled. I feel like President Barack Obama must have felt the night of his election. I feel like LeBron James in the Finals playing against the San Antonio Spurs. I can’t rest on my laurels. I have to keep bringing in the votes.

Over the years, Facebook has gotten a bad rap and blamed for atrocities ranging from child abduction to murder. I am glad to say that incidents like the aforementioned are the exception and not the rule. The people who are in my circle of family and friends on Facebook, are some of the most caring, considerate, and loving people you would want to know. I feel blessed to be a part of this group of people, and I truly appreciate them rallying behind me in my race to win Author Shout’s Best Book Cover Contest. Why don’t you join us and cast a vote for MARRIED IN THE NICK OF NINE. Thank you in advance.

Please vote for "MARRIED IN THE NICK OF NINE." It’s quick and easy. Just click the link below, stroll down, and choose Married in the Nick of Nine. Thank you so much for your VOTE!

To Vote, Married in the Nick of Nine, BEST COVER, click the link below. YOU CAN VOTE UP UNTIL SUNDAY, JULY 13th.

Married in the Nick of Nine is available on

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