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The Truth About Gretchen

Gretchen Holloway’s recurring dream about a young football star who was murdered 26 years ago is the inspiration for her thesis film. Once she realizes she’s the reincarnation of the man, she transitions from filmmaker to investigator and joins forces with his sister to find out who killed him.

The Women on Retford Drive

Just when she’s about to leave him for good, former TV star Julia’s manipulative husband goes missing. She and her stepdaughter, Blythe, search for answers — but with the evidence pointing in a shocking direction, are they ready for the secrets they might uncover?

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A Penny for Her Heart Cover.jpg
A Penny for Her Heart

Two ambitious young women worked their way up the political ladder — then one is found murdered, shortly after landing a coveted new job. As detective Rachel Storme works the case, she’ll plunge into the dark side of politics in this nail-biting read.

Losing Lauren

Cousins Lauren and Alexandra were always close… until Lauren began to achieve success her cousin could only dream of. When Lauren goes missing, can a determined detective get to the bottom of her disappearance — and Alexandra’s potential part in it?

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Justice for Jessica Cover.jpg
Justice for Jessica

Timid Stacey lives in awe of her glamorous, charismatic friend Jessica. But after discovering Jessica’s corpse on the floor of her elegant home, Stacey will join forces with a brilliant woman detective to unscramble the truth behind the shocking crime.

Missing Melissa

Madeline’s identical twin went missing almost two decades ago, and there’s been a hole in her otherwise perfect life ever since. When a strange dream convinces her that Melissa could still be alive, Madeline embarks on a quest to uncover what really happened.

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Four Ladies Only Cover.jpg
Four Ladies Only

Estranged for 20 years, four childhood friends are brought back together by a devastating death. But before they can reconcile, they must confront the traumatic event that tore them apart…

Renee’s Return

After finally marrying the man of her dreams and having the baby she’s always wanted, Cassandra Harte believes she has the perfect life. Could she, like Job in the Bible, have a life that’s too perfect? Cassandra feels she must have, or God wouldn’t have laid it on her husband Nick’s heart to have their fifteen-year-old stepdaughter return home from a two-year stint in a school for wayward girls. Although Renee’s doctor is confident that he’s come up with just the right cocktail to keep Renee in check, Cassandra wonders what’s really going to happen when Renee moves in and decides she hates Cassandra again.

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One Harte, Two Loves Cover.png
One Harte, Two Loves

Cassandra Harte’s four-month-old daughter is the center of her universe and there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for her angel. So when her husband, Nick, decides he wants to give up his career as a computer software engineer to pursue acting, Cassandra, fearing his dream will be the demise of their stable lifestyle, tries to convince him to forgo his plans and focus on his family. However, unbeknownst to Cassandra, it’s Nick’s acting teacher, Geneva, and not his dream to see his name in lights, that’s driving a wedge between them.

The Baby in the Window

In this gripping love story and family drama, Cassandra is desperate to have a baby with her husband — but nothing seems to work. Could her stepdaughter be sabotaging her attempts to conceive?

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Married in the Nick of Nine Cover.jpg
Married in the Nick of Nine

Cassandra Whitmore is tired of being single. When she meets breathtakingly handsome Nicolas Harte, she heads across the country to be with him — but will their whirlwind romance survive the move? An engaging contemporary love story.

Dancing Her Dreams Away

Shelia King, a fun-loving grandma’s girl, needs to keep her days open for auditions in the hope of landing a role that will catapult her to stardom. With the threat of eviction looming, she scrambles to find a night job and convinces the owner of a hostess club to hire her. Now she’s a dance-partner-for-hire by night and struggling thespian by day. When her agent pitches a topless role, fearing her grandmother’s disapproval, Shelia declines. But after setbacks and considerable thought, she agrees to meet the producer. Gregory Livingston III is rich, suave, ridiculously fine, and the panacea for Shelia’s career woes. At first sight she shapes plans to win the role and his heart. She gets both and works hard to give an Oscar worthy performance. However, when the movie wraps, nothing can prepare her for the startling revelations about Greg’s past and the aftermath of a dream gone awry.

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Daughter Denied  Cover.jpg
Daughter Denied

Daughter Denied is told through the eyes of 7-year-old Tina, a sensitive and precocious girl, and her mother Earnestine, who's trapped in a cycle of heroin addiction and co-dependency. This grim routine leaves Tina and her siblings trapped in a grueling cycle themselves: bouncing from one hole-in-the-wall to another; vacillating between faith and despair as Earnestine makes and breaks promise after promise to end her drug use and leave their abusive and career criminal stepfather, Brother Floyd. By summer's end, Earnestine, who's been looking forward to Brother Floyd's release from prison, learns he has to serve more time for bad behavior. Distraught, she has a nervous breakdown. After a questionable recuperation she moves the family down south. Will the south become the much awaited Promised Land for Tina and her siblings or just another broken promise?