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Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Hello everyone! Please forgive me for my absence, but I’ve been very busy since my last post, and I’m sure you have, too. Wow! There’s a lot going on with all of us and a lot going on in the world. Some good things and some scary things. Speaking of scary, I can’t believe Halloween will be here in twenty days. Before we know it, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s will have come and gone. Whew! Let me take a breath.

Okay, in my last post I announced the launch of the third book in the Detective Rachel Storme Series—“A Penny For Her Heart.” The book is now available on Amazon and is doing well. I hope you can get a copy. Many people are asking if there will be a fourth book in the series. Yes, there will be. It will launch sometime next year. At the present time, I’m in the final stages of a new work yet to be titled. It’s a mystery featuring a mother and a stepdaughter. I’m really excited about this book.

I’m also acting again. I’ve been auditioning for commercials, TV, and film. I’m with The Brogan Agency and they’re amazing. Shaw Brogan, Haydn Jones, Allison Le, rock. I recently booked an insurance commercial that will be airing soon. I’m so jazzed about it. “What Really Matters,” a short film I’m in will soon be entered in film festivals. I play the role of a university president. Yep, I’m having the time of my life since I retired in February 2016. BTW, retirement never, never, ever, gets OLD!!!

Time is slipping away. October 8 was my birthday. Another year older and wiser. I have high expectations for the upcoming year—for myself, for all of us. Let’s do this people. Let’s conquer our fears and go after our dreams. Life is a gift, lets live it to the fullest. Let’s do what the late great Prince said—Party Like It’s 1999. Yes, celebrate your existence, your life, it goes quickly.

I love you all. Keep on dreaming, loving, living.

Bless you.

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