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In less than two weeks, LOSING LAUREN, the second book in my Detective Rachel Storme Mystery Series will be available on To say that I’m excited is a prodigious understatement. Justice for Jessica, the first book in the series, is doing well and has captured the imagination of fervid mystery readers around the world, many of whom have been clamoring for a second installment. Well, the waiting will soon be over!

LOSING LAUREN, like its predecessor, features the feisty, smart as a whip baby boomer Detective Rachel Storme, her supervisor Herb Jones, and her co-workers, Victor Sanchez and Carlos Ramirez. However, there’s a new juicy mind-bending conundrum to solve with a new cast of possible suspects. Lauren Waters is an A-list award-winning actress who goes missing in the style of Gone Girl. But is it Gone Girl? Is Lauren missing, dead, or has she run away? These are the questions that Detective Storme is determined to answer. In her quest to find the truth she takes no prisoners (no pun intended), including Lauren’s cousin, Alexandra Winifred, who’s also Lauren’s publicist. The night Lauren disappears, Alexandra learns that Lauren wants to break off her relationship with her agent and manager as well as her engagement to her fiancé. But before Lauren has a chance to make good on any of her plans, she goes missing, leaving Alexandra to wonder if the agent, manager or fiancé have something to do with her disappearance, or perhaps Lauren’s best friend and competitor, Rosalind Heart is the culprit. Maybe it’s Alexandra’s boyfriend Larry Simpson. Unbeknownst to Alexandra, she ends up being named a prime suspect. Did she do it?

Like Justice for Jessica, Losing Lauren will have you on the edge of your seat trying to figure out whodunit. And like Justice for Jessica, Losing Lauren is wrought with red herrings and twists and turns that will keep you feverishly turning the pages until you reach the explosive ending.

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