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Why I Went Six Consecutive Days Without Eating 4,242 Views

I know you’re probably thinking I had to have eaten something. No, I ate nothing. I did however drink water. If I hadn’t, I would be in the hospital or maybe even dead right now. It’s said that human beings can go three days without water. However there have been people who have gone weeks without eating. Mahatama Gandhi, at the age of 74, survived 21 days of total starvation while only allowing himself sips of water. And of course, Jesus went without food for 40 days. So my six days pale in comparison. But for some of you who have never missed a meal in your life, I guess six days is a long time.

Going without food wasn’t easy, but I was determined to get through the six days. My eating has been out of control, and during the past few months I gained almost 15 pounds. My diet consisted of a ton of Trail Mix and an apple in the morning, Caramel Nips and peanut M&M’s, along with other junk food throughout the day, and a huge lunch. Upon arriving home, I would attack my favorite cheese popcorn like a starving refugee. Then I would gorge on Trail Mix right up until bedtime. Oh, let me not forget the Tazo Giant Peach Tea I would guzzle. By the way it has 40 grams of sugar. Now you can see why I gained so much weight. I have a small frame, so it had become difficult for me to even walk. Additionally, I could no longer STOMACH my HUGE STOMACH, THIGHS, BUTT, AND THE ROLLS ON MY BACK. I’ll be the first to admit that what I did was not smart or healthy, but I was desperate to get a jump start on eating healthy. Yesterday I broke my fast with very small portions. It was strange eating. The salad I had exploded in my mouth, waking up my dormant taste buds.

I started the fast on Sunday, July 14th. The first day was easy. I didn’t even drink water on day 1. It’s a miracle I made it, because the day before, I had bought groceries—all my favs. Trail Mix from Whole Foods, Tazo Giant Peach Tea, and Cheese popcorn. And yes, images of those goodies did flood my mind, but every time I took a gander at my stomach that looked like I was 9-months pregnant, the thoughts dissipated. On day two, I woke up a little fuzzy, but I was determined to forge ahead. I had to go to work and I kept my workout schedule. I know, I’m crazy and I don’t recommend any of you doing this. Somehow I made it through my one hour workout.

When I arrived to work, I had gotten a second wind. The hard part was lunch time. My company serves up free gourmet lunch every day. What was I going to do? Once again, I glanced at my protruding belly. So when my coworkers came waltzing back to their desks with fresh vegetables, potatoes, chicken, steak, and scrumptious salads, I ignored the sweet aroma that flooded the air and drank my water. After work I went home and dragged myself to bed early. When I laid down, my stomach protested with incessant growling. I felt sorry for my body and asked for forgiveness. I know every fiber of my being wanted to know what in the devil was going on. The growling finally stopped and I was able to go to sleep.

Day three, I was not my usual buoyant self. I was a bit listless, but I pressed on. Only three more days, I thought to myself. I was determined to make it through. By now my stomach had gone down significantly, and I was lighter on my feet. My chubby face was taking on a chiseled look. I was surprised at how fast things were changing and that motivated me to fight on. Day four, it was a little difficult to get up, but I sat up and swung my thinner legs over the side of my bed and got ready for my workout. I made sure I was hydrated and hit the elliptical machine. I discovered that when I didn’t focus on my fast, I had more energy. Day five, I cancelled my workout, not wanting to overdo it. I know, that train left the station a long time ago. Lol! When I woke up, I didn’t feel weak. I actually had energy. I chalked it up to all my guilty prayers asking God to give me strength. Thank God for his grace and mercy. I made it through work just fine, but I did notice the aroma from lunch that wafted into my nose seemed to be stronger than usual. Then one of the professionals told me that there were free ice cream sandwiches in the kitchen, while he smacked loudly on his. No he didn’t. I gave him a weak smile and told him I would pass. I actually wasn’t tempted. This fast has cleansed me and has diminished my cravings for sweets.

On day six I thought I would wake up like a kid on Christmas day, excited that I could eat, but I could barely get out of bed. I was very weak. I reminded myself what this was all about—to cleanse my body from all the junk I had put in it and to start down a healthy path. Again, there are better ways to go about this, but I had to do what I had to do. I realized that my body had most likely gone into starvation mode, i.e., ready to grab and store anything that I ingest. My digestive system and metabolism are most likely asleep. So I could easily gain the weight back and then some. And at least five of the 12 pounds I lost is water. That’s why what I did was crazy. But again, I was desperate, and I’m determined to keep the weight off. I plan to do that by one day at a time eating healthy.

So far things are going better than expected. I’m eating healthy now. I’m eating small portions and for the first time in my life, I’m actually chewing my food. What a concept! I count to ten in between bites instead of eating like I’m being chased. I’m actually enjoying my food more and my stomach feels so much better. Gone are the rumblings and grumblings I used to hear. The best part is, I feel light, happy, and free, and I can get back into a size 8. It was an arduous feat and I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone, but for me, one day at a time, it was worth it! I’m determined, one day at a time, to eat healthy now.

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