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Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Hello everyone. Let me stop and take a breath. Forgive me for being absent, but like the title of this blog suggests, I have been busy! I’m sure you have been, too. In fact, we live in a time when everyone is doing something—blogging, branding, writing a book, in concert, taking care of children, working, and the list goes on. You would think with the advent of all of this sophisticated technology, that we’d actually have more time to connect, but that just doesn’t seem to be the case. Nonetheless, I didn’t want another day to pass without touching base. I hope you are all well and that you had a safe and fabulous spring break and that you’re gearing up for a splendid summer. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

I am currently obtaining early reviews for my latest indie novel, “Missing Melissa,” that will be available on Amazon in early May. It’s about a young woman who believes her identical twin sister, who was kidnapped during a carjacking nineteen years ago, is still alive. To the chagrin of her parents, she reopens her sister’s case to try to find her. I have reached out to hundreds of bloggers and am also on If you’re a NetGalley user, you can access a digital review copy of Missing Melissa free of charge. If you’re not, please register and do so. Again, it’s free.

At the end of May, Renee’s Return, the fourth book in the Cass and Nick series, will also be available on I know a lot of readers have been waiting to find out whatever happened to Renee and if the time spent in a facility for wayward girls has resulted in her changing her devilish ways. Well, for the first time, readers will get to hear Renee’s voice. The book is told from Cass’s, Nick’s, and Renee’s POVS! For the past month I have been working on the final edits with my editor, Soul Mate Publishing, in preparation for the launch.

Finally, on June 12th, Sacrificing Simone is returning to Porticos Art Space. If you didn’t have an opportunity to see my play last October, now is your chance. The same fabulous cast is returning, with the exception of three new actresses. I am so excited about the return. For the past month, I have been in preproduction. Rehearsals start in May and tickets go on sale May 1. For anyone who has ever produced and directed a show, which I’m doing, you know it’s a full-time job, and that’s not easy when you have a day job, like I do! But God, would and could, if he were sought and believe you me, I’m seeking him daily to keep me healthy and strong during my latest creative endeavors.

Whew! Okay, I’m breathing now. In the voice of Wendy Williams, “What you been doin’?” Drop me a line and let me know.

Thanks so much. Hope to see you at the theatre in June!

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