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I Ate Ice Cream for Breakfast - 4,754 Views

You read it correctly. Yep, I did the unthinkable for a woman who’s the poster child for weight watchers—not the organization, but the countless females who pride themselves on keeping their figures in check. That’s just how carefree I was over the holidays. I had two weeks off of my nine-to-five and I went buckwild! Sacramento has the best Popeyes Chicken in the nation and that’s what I ate for dinner while I hung out with my brother and sister-in-law for four of the fourteen days I was not working. Two wings, red beans and rice, and a biscuit smothered in butter and strawberry jam. Yep, I had lost my mind in vacationville. I saw the Gambler with Mark Wahlberg and then got my own game on at the casino. Won some, gave some back. It was fabulous. Stayed up watching TV until three in the morning and slept in until noon. I told you I was a novelist gone wild. You have no idea how it feels to not have to sit in freeway traffic that’s moving at a snail’s pace. I travel three-hundred and fifty miles a week, that’s seven-hundred miles I didn’t have to drive. It’s incredible to have no responsibilities, to not have to answer phones, or set-up meetings. It’s incredible when you can just kick back. I thank God for vacations.

Now it’s 2015 and I’m back to the grind. By the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I’m so glad we made it. I’ve returned to the gym, and yes, I gained some pounds and inches while I was away. Perhaps it was the ice cream and chicken? LOL! Nonetheless, I’m grateful to see another year, and I’m excited about all that it has to offer. In eight days, the third book in the Cass and Nick series, ONE HARTE, TWO LOVES, will be available to download. You can preorder a copy on this website now. Just go to books or click on the cover that’s on the home page. In this installment, readers get to hear Nick’s voice for the first time and there’s a new character that you will love to hate—Geneva Crawford, Nick’s acting coach. To say she has eyes for Mr. Harte is an understatement, but Cass is not having it. I think you’ll enjoy this read as much as you have the first two books in the series—MARRIED IN THE NICK OF NINE and the BABY IN THE WINDOW. And for those of you who have been wondering about the stepdaughter, RENEE, she returns in April. Watch out! Fireworks.

Also on the book front, I’m working on a new novel in a new genre. I am thrilled at where this book could possibly go. Be sure to check back on the website for updates.

I am also happy to announce that my stage play, SACRIFICING SIMONE, will be returning to Porticos Art Space in Pasadena for a nine-show run. Stay tuned for more details. Appearing again will be the fabulous and talented cast who hundreds got to see in the October 2014 run.

Many thanks to all of you who supported me in 2014 and the years prior. You mean a great deal to me, and I hope all your dreams come true in 2015. Stay hopeful, healthy, and happy!

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