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Five Minutes Before the Miracle - 2,931 Views

Happy 2018! My hope for all of you is that you realize your wildest dreams in this New Year. I have high expectations for 2018. Someone once said that an expectation is a planned disappointment, but I choose to disregard that. I choose to believe and have faith. I choose to not give up five minutes before the miracle. What do I mean by that? I think the following situation I experienced will shed light on this phrase.

The other day while I was shopping at Albertson’s, there was a young man in front of the store selling candy. I recently cut back on sweets, so I was not interested in his product. Moreover, I had no cash on me. I noticed that several other customers were passing him by, barely looking his way, and steering clear of the young entrepreneur.

On the way out, it was hard not to have compassion for him, especially when I got a glimpse of his dreary expression. At that moment, I was moved to do something special for him. I drove to the bank that was directly across from the store, got twenty dollars, and headed back to Albertsons. It took me five minutes to do so. I had planned to give him twenty dollars as a donation as well as words of encouragement. I was going to tell him to never give up and that just when you think there’s no hope, that’s when things can turn around. The moment you think you want to give up, someone could be in the process of doing something wonderful for you. However, when I returned to the store he was gone. That was it. He missed the blessing. Granted, it was only twenty dollars, but the message behind it was priceless.

Then I realized that the message wasn’t for the young man. The message was for me. God was telling me not to give up on my dreams, that it may seem like nothing is happening, but that he’s doing his best work behind the scenes. The revelation gave me chills and now anytime I get discouraged or think it’s no use, I remember the boy at Albertsons. Recently I received some news that confirms that God is working on something wonderful for me. I am going to sit tight and wait for my miracle, and I pray after reading this, you will do the same.

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