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425 Million Reasons to Quit My Day Job - 4,998 Views

In case you haven’t heard or read about it, the Powerball Jackpot is up to $425 million. I usually don’t play the lottery, but I had 425 million reasons to play today. When it’s that high, I feel it’s my duty to play and hopefully win! According to statistics, the chances of me winning the lottery on a single ticket are one in 175 million. Duh! That’s why I bought 18 tickets! LOL. I did what I call a half and half—half the numbers are quick picks and the other half are numbers I chose.

While listening to the radio, I decided to write down every number I heard during the commercials. You’d be surprised how many numbers are mentioned during the ads. I got quite a few—enough to play nine tickets. When I got to the store, I grabbed my slips and filled in the little circles with black ink, while dreaming about what I’d do with my winnings. I didn’t realize the Powerball tickets were two dollars. Wow…I hadn’t planned on spending $36.00, but what’s $36.00 to a future multimillionaire?

Driving home, I fantasized some more. I had visions of myself sitting at my computer gaping at the winning numbers and comparing them to my 18 tickets. My heart picks up speed and sweat sprouts from my forehead as I realize I have all six numbers. What do I do? Do I scream, tear my clothes off and run through the house, jump on top of the table or faint? I hope I have the good sense to sit still and meditate. I hope I can keep cool, take a deep breath and keep my mouth shut. The last thing I need is for some crazed neighbor to find out I’m Oprah-rich and decide to take me out the game and steal my winning ticket. And I certainly don’t want the word to get out to all those relatives I’ve never heard of. So yep, I’d maintain my anonymity.

After taking care of Uncle Sam, I‘d do what any multimillionaire would do. I’d hire a financial planner. Once, I’ve paid off all my bills, set up some tax shelters and made some wise investments, the fun would start. My family and friends would all get a piece of the pie. Then I’d hire a top publicist to help get the word out about my Cass and Nick series which consists of “Married in the Nick of Nine,” (on sale now), “The Baby in the Window,” (on sale now), “One Harte Two Loves” (debuts 2/2014), and “Renee’s Return” (debuts 6/2014). I’d also bring back one of my favorite plays, “One Woman, Two Lives.” And after it returns to the stage in Los Angeles, I’d take if on a world tour.

That reminds me—I need to quit my day job. Once the check clears, I’ll go into work wearing a Kool-Aid smile. I’ll be sure to have a little fun with it. Maybe tell a few people off. I might even throw my computer through my boss’ window. No, I’m just kidding. But trust me, the moment I have the money in the bank, I’ll be turning in my resignation letter.

Okay, it’s 8:32 pm pt. Let me check my numbers. Hold on for just a minute. I’ll be right back. Okay, I’m back and no, I didn’t win!!!!! On well, it was fun dreaming!

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