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Gabby, you inspire me - 3,888 Views

Updated: May 29, 2021

I’ve been watching Gabby Douglas interviews for the past hour and I can’t stop crying. When I watch Gabby’s performances and I hear her speak, I’m overcome with emotion. Here’s a pint sized wonder who had a dream and went after it. While other little girls were riding their bikes, playing with video games, and chatting up with their besties, beautiful Gabby was working her butt off. Now it has paid off and she has become the first African-American woman to win the all-around gymnastics gold. What a feat, what a girl! When Gabby speaks her eyes light up and they’re full of hope and determination. How could one not be moved by someone so young and inspirational? She makes me want to never give up.

Like Gabby I have been pursuing my dream for many years, and like Gabby, I’ve made many sacrifices. And like gymnastics, publishing and promoting a book takes time and money. My latest work,“Married in the Nick of Nine,” has cost me a lot of both, but it’s been a labor of love and dollars well-spent. When I think about all the people who have read the book so far, and who have reached out to me to tell me how they’ve been touched by the story, I know the peaks and valleys of my journey have all been worth it. Nothing worth having comes easy! I just want to thank little Gabby for having so much heart and for reminding me that tears of disappointment can become tears of joy!

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