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The Quiet Before the Storme - 3,842 Views

Thank you, but no, that’s not a typo. I meant Storme, as in Rachel Storme, the detective in my new mystery series. The first book in the series, Justice for Jessica, is now available on Amazon, and I’m pleased to say that the reviews are excellent. One reviewer by the name of Dee said the following:

You are taken through a whirlwind of possible suspects and grow increasingly fascinated as you get deeper into the story and realize Jessica may have had her own secrets that she was keeping. This story reminded me of another book I loved which was "The Girl on the Train" while keeping to a totally separate storyline altogether and that is how great Justice for Jessica is.

I am so excited about getting this book out to readers. Justice for Jessica, like all my books, is my baby, and I have fallen in love with my two protagonists—Stacey Sullivan and Rachel Storme. The story is told in alternating voices from each of their points of view. Stacy Sullivan, Jessica’s BFF, is a millennial married to a jerk. She’s desperately trying to find her own voice, but her weight issues and low self-worth have her drowning in a dead end relationship and job. Rachel Storme, a baby boomer, has seen one too many perps get away and is ready to turn in her badge and gun. But when her supervisor asks her to return to work to help solve Jessica’s murder, she reluctantly acquiesces. That’s when she meets Stacey, who reminds her of herself twenty years prior. The two women form an unlikely alliance while they search for Jessica’s killer.

Why can I relate to these two women so well? They both remind me of myself. Like Rachel, I can relate to Stacey because in my late twenties, like Stacey, I was still trying to find myself. I didn’t have low self-esteem; I had no self-esteem, in spite of graduating second in my high school class and getting a scholarship to attend U.S.C. The wounds from my dysfunctional childhood were raw and I had a lot of work to do, emotionally and spiritually. Rachel is me today, older, wiser, with a healthy dose of self-esteem. I’ve been there and done that and know what works and what doesn’t. I realize the importance of believing in something other than myself. Like Rachel, I worked for three decades and decided it was time for me to hang up my corporate hat and focus totally on my passions—writing and acting. It took a lot of courage to turn my back on a steady paycheck, but with a decent savings and a lot of faith, I made the leap and am having the time of my life.

I’m excited about book number two that will of course, feature Rachel, but this time there will be another millennial, Alexandra Winifred. I don’t want to reveal too much. I’m in the early writing stages and am up to my eyeballs in plotting. I’m actually still deciding on who the killer is going to be in the second installment of the Detective Rachel Storme series. Stay tuned. In the interim, get your copy of book one, Justice for Jessica. It will not disappoint.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

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